Friday, February 10, 2012

The Simple Things

Things have been going very well at the Kidd house the past few weeks. It hasn't slowed down, but I think I'm finally getting back into the groove of things. We started a new year and I began a new semester at work and everything is falling into place.

Here lately, I've been thinking about some of the simple things that I'm enjoying in my life right now.

Ethan--He's 5 now and acts like a big kid a lot more than he used to. He is blossoming at day care and is soaking up new information like a sponge. He counted all the way to 100 by himself last week, he does simple addition in his head, sounds out many of the letters of the alphabet, is spelling a few words and we've begun working on the sight words list for kindergartners.

Elijah--Hot Shot is starting to use words more often; they're hard to understand, but we're learning how to get his meaning. He finally learned how to jump without leaving one foot on the ground. He had been trying really hard and the joy on his face when he finally got air was priceless. He's also decided that he likes to go to the potty instead of his diaper. Mind you, this only happens some of the time, but I think he is getting more consistent. He thinks underwear are cool.

Ezra--Chubby Bubby weighs in at 18lbs., 12oz. as of today and 26" long. So he's a little above average in height (53%) and a little more than average in weight (78%). But he is a happy boy. He squeals (something I don't remember the others doing as much), makes silly sounds, and is trying his darndest to crawl. While he may not be able to get his round belly off the ground yet, he is mobile in that he does his variation of the army man crawl to get to what he wants.

Those are just a few things going on in the Kidd house. Life is good.