Monday, May 5, 2014

A Camping We Will Go

We have been looking for a pop up camper for a while. Like a few years. We just never could find one in our price range, at the right time, in the right condition.

Recently we booked a camping trip with some friends and I looked on craigslist to find a new tent and some supplies for cheap. One of the "tents" that popped up (hehe) was a pop up camper. It was a good deal, so good that it was already spoken for, after just a few hours. All this did was encourage Ronnie to being searching voraciously for a camper for us before our planned trip. He'd look, send me links, I'd look, send him links. He'd call. I'd email. Nothing was working out.

Last week our luck changed. He sent me a link that looked decent and was promising to be a good deal. He texted, and texted some more. Then he set up a time to meet the guy. He and his friend drove almost two hours, looked it over, bargained and drove home with our new to us camper.

We're very excited to embark on several adventures with our boys in this thing! 

Do you like to camp? If so, would you sleep in a camper or do you think it's "cheating?"