Thursday, November 26, 2009

Once each week

My latest appointment with the OB was yesterday morning. I thought I had been doing an ok job with my sugar and my blood pressure hadn't bothered me in a couple of months. So I believed that it would be one of those appointments where I would be in and out with no problems and be back in two weeks. Yeah right! Nothing has gone that simply this go 'round. First of all, the nurse had to take my blood pressure like 3 times because she wasn't satisfied with it. She finally settled for 140/70-something. Then when the doctor looked at my sugar he wasn't overjoyed with my recent numbers. Finally when he checked the baby's heartbeat I grew more and more concerned the longer he listened. He told me that the heart was beating really fast and he was just waiting for it to slow down. He attributed this to the baby's recent activity...I sure hope so! So the kicker at the end of the appointment was when the doctor told me that I would be back at least once a week each week until little man gets here. Eight weeks and 2 days to go!

Monday, November 23, 2009


So I went to the dietician this morning for my Gestational Diabetes Tutorial.

I was so overjoyed that I overslept, realized it, and hit the snooze button. I finally got up, got myself ready and figured that there was no way I could get Ethan to anybody and then get myself to the doctor so I told him that he would have to go with me.

He is quite a little guy. He played fairly well while I did everything I had to. He has even gotten so good with his big boy underwear that when he shouted "Mama, I have to pee!" in the middle of the hour and a half meeting, I rushed him out to the potty. He poised himself for the potty ritual and then told me that he couldn't do it. No problem. However, I finally caught onto him after we washed our hands and started back to the office and he whined, "No, I don't wanna go back in there with that lady." Isn't that sweet.

As for me, I learned a little. The internet sources I previously researched turned out to be fairly accurate. I was taught about carbs, proteins and fats, was told how many of each I could have and then was taught how to use a glucometer. Now I have been instructed to eat 3 meals a day and have at least 2 snacks. The only problem is that I prefer ice cream for snack rather than fruit and cheese. I'll get over it. But you can bet I'll be sneaking fudge and pecan logs at Christmas dinner. The worst part is checking my sugar 4 times a day. And one would think that the actual pricking of the finger is the worst, but I find that squeezing out enough blood to test is what hurts me the most. I'll survive.

I think that's enough with the boring details. The good news is that baby is still healthy and we only have 9 weeks left...that is...if we go all the way!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's always something...

On October 30, I took the 1 hour glucose screening test at the doctor's office. The test is designed to screen pregnant patients for gestational diabetes. The following Monday and Tuesday I played phone tag with one of my nurses who told me that I had failed the test. I would have to take a 3 hour version as soon as I was able. So on November 10 I stopped eating until the next day so that my fasting glucose level could be determined. That morning I had my blood drawn four times after drinking the nastiest sugar I have ever had in my life! With my doctor's office the "no news is good news" is policy. After not hearing back from them that Thursday or Friday I assumed I was in the clear. WRONG! I received a call at work this morning telling me that I had not passed any part of the glucose test and that I was being sent to a dietician. So, I guess the fun starts now...monitoring my diet, keeping a log of my glucose levels...the week of Thanksgiving! Something tells me this will be the least delicious holiday season I've had in a while. I go to the dietician on Monday so I will understand more about what I have to do and what's ahead for me then.

And the countdown begins....less than 10 weeks til baby #2 arrives!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'm Back!

So, it's been almost 2 months since my last post and I cannot figure out why I haven't posted anything. I guess I just haven't felt like actually sitting at the computer long enough to type an entry.

A lot has happened since September so I'll share what I can remember.

On Friday, the 11th of September, we closed on our house! Yay! We started moving things that weekend and we're still moving things. With me being pregnant and Ronnie gone so much we really haven't gotten too much moved. But at least we have a place to move it to!

Ronnie has yet another new job. He hated the last one and we continued looking for another while he was gone. I ended up sick in October and saw a truck for a local company and made Ronnie contact them. It turns out that they were hiring. Good thing because Ronnie had had enough of the over-the-road gig. He started with the new place on November 3rd and so far he is really enjoying it!

Ok. I'm tired of typing already so I'll come back later and share more.

Have a great day!