Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 29 Doctor Visit

I had yet another appointment today. These weekly appointments have been going on forever, or so it seems. But the end is in sight as I only have 3 (hopefully) left. Today was a big appointment. The first item on the agenda was an ultrasound to determine Little Lizard's size. It appears that he may be smaller than Ethan as he weighs in at a tiny 6 pounds, 10 ounces right now. He is only measuring a couple of days ahead of his due date and looks completely healthy. While I was able to see his precious little face we weren't able to get a still shot of it so no one will be able to see it until he arrives. For what I saw, with my non-ultrasound reading ability, I believe he is going to look a lot like his big brother. The technician also told me that he will probably have a lot of hair.

Next, I saw the OB. He was pleased with my blood pressure, which has been suprisingly low the past few weeks. My sugar levels were ok since they put me on medication last week. Some of the numbers have been a little high, but I confessed that I've had a few cookies, among other things, the past few days. I love this doctor because his response was simply, "well, it's that time of year." He also decided to check to see if I am dilated because we are less than 4 weeks away. I was excited, thinking maybe some of these pains were getting me ready, but I was wrong. He wouldn't even say I was dilated to a 1. I know that isn't a sign that the baby will stay put for a while, but it was a little disappointing.

Finally, I had another NST. Since he had already been poked and prodded, Little Lizard decided it was time for a nap and refused to move, which is crucial for the test. The nurse brought in a little wand and told me she was going to wake him up. She woke me and the baby up as the noise the wand produced was quite shocking. Needless to say, with his nap disturbed baby started to move and we were able to finish the test with good results.

To sum it all up we are both doing well and just waiting for little man to decide when to make his entrance. Keep praying!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dec. 14 Doctor Visit

I went to the doctor again yesterday. I feel like I'm there all the time! I arrived at 4:07 and told the receptionist that I was to have a non-stress test (NST) so that the nurse would go ahead and hook me up. I know the nurse got the message because I heard the receptionist telling her on the intercom system, but I was not called to a room until 4:50!! I was a little upset, but I have to keep my cool so my blood pressure doesn't elevate (it was good yesterday!). After chasing the baby in order to find his heart beat (apparently he still has a lot of room in there), I was left to the whooshing of a wonderful sounding heartbeat for 30 minutes. It is very relieving to hear that sound, so strong and so perfect! When the doctor arrived he looked over the test results and told me that everything looked really good. Yay! But I still have to have one every week until the end. Ugh. He was pleased with everything, but my sugar levels gave him a little to be concerned over. We discussed the fact that I can eat the same thing for two days and on day one my sugar will be fine, but the next it will jump tremendously. He basically told me that I would probably be put on medications next week to control everything. I, however, brushed that off because I have done everything I possibly could to stay off any meds while pregnant. Until today. My sugar was high for half of the readings this weekend. Ok. I indulged a little. But yesterday and today I ate normal, healthy meals. What do I get? High, high readings. Higher than they've been the whole time. Looks like I may be on medication by Christmas anyway. I just keep praying that Little Man is ok, that his lungs are maturing (just in case) and that he doesn't get HUGE! The doctor doesn't want him to weigh over 8 pounds. I find that funny since Ethan weighed 9 1/2 without diabetes complications. I also hope that when he is born his sugar levels are stable and that the diabetes doesn't cause him to have a terrible case of jaundice. So many worries for a little person that I've never seen. I know I'm rambling, but this is how my brain has worked for the past few months. I'm going to stop for now. I'll be back with more updates soon. MK