Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Tonight I went to the funeral home for the viewing of a school friend. I had been Ronnie's neighbor for all of our lives and we had attended the same schools all the way to graduation.

When we were 2 or 3, Ronnie's family was in a car accident that left him a paraplegic. But, as I was telling my mom tonight, we never paid attention to the wheelchair. Ronnie's personality was bigger than what we saw when we looked at him. He was nice, friendly, funny and always upbeat. I know he had hard days and probably had more to complain about than most of us, but I don't remember him using his different abilities to gain sympathy. He was just one of the kids.

In high school I decided to pursue a career in the health field and took some of the classes related to that. Ronnie was in those classes with me because he wanted to be a doctor. I always thought that was an awesome goal. Like me, his goals changed and he had been pursuing a degree in information systems. He didn't let his disability affect what he wanted to do with his life and I find that admirable.

More recently, Ronnie had fought cancer. He had a bone marrow transplant and seemed to be doing well. Then all of a sudden, he had complications from pneumonia and he passed.

Seeing someone your age, that you grew up with, in a casket is hard to take in. It's a big reminder that we should live each day as though it's our last. We should tell those that we love what they mean to us. Live your life with meaning. Make others smile. Live so that others will say that you were an inspiration, just as I heard so many say about Ronnie tonight.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Enjoying the Small Things

Some small things I've been enjoying:

-seeing Melia's smiles and hearing her giggles
-Ezra's bubble booty in big boy underwear
-Elijah saying "dang" at random points in a conversation
-hearing Ethan perfectly spell his spelling words
-snuggling with Melia when she wakes up in the middle of the night to eat (and we sleep together the rest of the night)
-Ezra talking like crazy and us being able to understand him (the clarity came overnight!)
-Elijah helping me out in the kitchen
-alone time with Ethan when he's getting ready and waiting on the bus in the mornings
-the way Elijah and Ezra run to Ethan with their arms stretched way out for hugs when Ethan gets off the bus
-the way all three boys love on their sister (she often has snot in her hair from kisses, I worry about her being squished from tight hugs, she is picked up at the slightest sound of a whimper, Ezra helps push the swing when she's in it, Elijah "babysits" when I need a free minute, and Ethan calms her down almost as well as I do)
-the sound of the boys playing
-listening to Ethan read scripture from his Bible
-watching Elijah become more big boy than toddler
-seeing what mischief Ezra can get into (I seriously need a lock for the fridge and pantry!)
-Ronnie's hugs when he gets home on Thursdays
-the security I feel when Ronnie is home
-all Melia's tiny little features (she's growing too fast already!)
-that I'm doing more photography these days
-researching/trying to decide what job path I want to take
-hearing the kids singing in the car
-Ronnie wrestling the boys and then being so easy with Melia
-the way Ronnie loves us and provides for us

Life is so good! I am so blessed! Praise the Lord!