Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This has been a very fun Halloween weekend. I love watching how excited the boys are and it reminds me of how fun things were when I was a kid.

Friday was Ethan's party at daycare and he was uber excited to dress up and have a party! He was bouncing off the walls when I picked him up, but it was okay because he shared some of his candy with Mama! Yay for me!

We got to Grandma's and Elijah was mesmerized by the balloon that Ethan had gotten from his teacher. I asked Elijah why he didn't get a party and since Grandma is who she is, she went and got him a lollipop to take home. No problem...I'll let him after he eats...or so I thought.

This is what I found when I went to get him out of the car! This child loves a sucker and has gone after everyone he could find this weekend as though he was starving and this was all he could find!
Saturday morning before we went out for last minute errands, I was busy cleaning and put Elijah down for his nap. I noticed he stopped crying and that Ethan had disappeared. I went in their room to discover this oh so sweet scene.

And I had to do a mini photo shoot for Elijah's first Halloween. He's so cute, but I guess I am a little partial.

And he's becoming so mobile!

Then it was time to paint pumpkins! Ethan loved it and he worked so hard!

Elijah tried, but it was a little difficult. He was cute anyways!

Ethan showing off his work.

And the costumes!!! Grandma helped me out and made Elijah's for me. I just loved it!

And I loved watching him crawl!

And Ethan gave me a challenge this year. When I asked him what he wanted to be, he exclaimed, "A Fire Flier!" After a Google search, I discovered that some creativity would definitely be involved to make a lightning bug costume. This is what we came up with...

So after we got more than our share of candy, we headed home last night and retired two of the cutest costumes we could come up with. I think this has been my favorite Halloween as a mom. Hope yours was wonderful as well!

Monday, October 25, 2010

State Fair

We woke early yesterday to head to the state fair. We enjoy going and this year we went with one of Ronnie's coworkers and his family.

I stepped out the back door and took this picture before we headed out. I love how the morning sky is always so beautiful!

After stopping at Waffle House to meet the other family, Ethan and I rocked while Ronnie drove.

Once we arrived at the fair Ethan and this little lady were unstoppable!

I felt so bad for Elijah. He didn't get to ride anything. Next time, little buddy! Although this was his first time in a stroller. Does that count for anything?

Ethan and his new fried on the carousel.

Ronnie and Elijah found something they could play on in the PBS tent.

Ethan enjoyed the ring toss.

And the funny mirror.

The kids had a blast playing games and winning cheap stuffed animals.

The big kids like them too.

The boys went up on the ferris wheel. Quite the view!

She is adorable.
And she loves her daddy.
Then Ronnie's friend and I rode this crazy ride. It's been a while since I've done anything that crazy.

The kids thought this looked cool.

I even tried one of the Krispy Kreme burgers. The doughnuts were good, but the meat could have been better.

Elijah in his normal happy mood.

We ventured into the barns to see all the animals.

The little ones held hands all day! It was too sweet!

And they were our navigators as they enjoyed looking at the map and telling us where to go.

Ronnie and Elijah playing in the setting sun at the end of the day.

Until next year fair. It was fun.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm Still Here

I've realized that I haven't posted on here in almost a month! What's wrong with me? I was going really good, but life got extremely busy and the blog fell by the wayside. A lot has been going on at school (homecoming week among other things) and I had photo shoots two weekends in a row. (Sneak peeks on the photography blog!) Ronnie was gone a lot, we had a benefit at church, and we goofed off a little.

So I have several pictures to share...hope you don't get bored!

While we were picking persimmons...again...Elijah decided to eat dirt, literally. Judging by this face it didn't taste too yummy. Elijah has become quite the little talker. Here he is chatting with the one he gets that from.

And we have entered the land of mobility! These were taken a few weeks ago when he still did some weird little reach/pull thing to get where he wanted. But he finally figured out the crawling thing. The funny part is that with each crawl he attempts to stand up with the left leg. I've got to take pictures or a video because its too funny!

He's pulling up on EVERYTHING!

We went to the Fall Festival parade at the beginning of the month. At the time Ethan had to wear a hat, but since it was chilly, he wanted his ears covered. So this is what we got!

My boys watching the parade.

My brother is getting married in two weeks so we also had a shower thrown into the business. Elijah met my grandmother for the first time. He liked her because she fed him cake.

Ethan has been spending a lot of time outside. He likes to "dig" with his shovel, hoe and rake. Ronnie took this picture when he first started. We're a lot closer to China now. Sidenote: I went for a walk the other day and when I got back Ethan was digging. Being the mean mother that I am, I snuck up on him in that tall grass and growled. Let's just say that he cleared a path to the front door in no time at all. Ronnie came running out because he was screaming like crazy. I finally made my appearance, but had to wait a few minutes to explain myself because I was laughing too hard!
And Elijah has been sick again. He's had the sniffles and the coughs and the yuckies. Then this past Monday he was really fussy and ill all day. That night his fever went up to over 103. The next morning it was back up to 102. Ronnie called the doctor and I ended up staying home to take him in. And poor baby has another double ear infection. Ethan never had this many.
Here he is at the doctor. I love the paintings on all the walls. We were in the dinosaur room this time. I can't wait to see where we go next week for his 9 month check up.
And we had play time with the mirror after his bath the other night. He took Ethan's toothbrush and told that baby in the mirror a few things.
And finally this morning he took all those new teeth (we're up to 6 that have broken through) and chewed up a Pepto-Bismol pink crayon. I must say that he makes it look tasty!

Maybe it won't take me so long before my next post. I've noticed that there have been several visitors recently! I'm glad you've stopped by! Leave a comment!

Take care!