Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Enjoying the Small Things

Some small things I've been enjoying:

-seeing Melia's smiles and hearing her giggles
-Ezra's bubble booty in big boy underwear
-Elijah saying "dang" at random points in a conversation
-hearing Ethan perfectly spell his spelling words
-snuggling with Melia when she wakes up in the middle of the night to eat (and we sleep together the rest of the night)
-Ezra talking like crazy and us being able to understand him (the clarity came overnight!)
-Elijah helping me out in the kitchen
-alone time with Ethan when he's getting ready and waiting on the bus in the mornings
-the way Elijah and Ezra run to Ethan with their arms stretched way out for hugs when Ethan gets off the bus
-the way all three boys love on their sister (she often has snot in her hair from kisses, I worry about her being squished from tight hugs, she is picked up at the slightest sound of a whimper, Ezra helps push the swing when she's in it, Elijah "babysits" when I need a free minute, and Ethan calms her down almost as well as I do)
-the sound of the boys playing
-listening to Ethan read scripture from his Bible
-watching Elijah become more big boy than toddler
-seeing what mischief Ezra can get into (I seriously need a lock for the fridge and pantry!)
-Ronnie's hugs when he gets home on Thursdays
-the security I feel when Ronnie is home
-all Melia's tiny little features (she's growing too fast already!)
-that I'm doing more photography these days
-researching/trying to decide what job path I want to take
-hearing the kids singing in the car
-Ronnie wrestling the boys and then being so easy with Melia
-the way Ronnie loves us and provides for us

Life is so good! I am so blessed! Praise the Lord!


Renee said...

I love this! So many blessings :)

I love you!!

Kreative Kidd said...

Love you too!!!!