Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Some good news

It's not the news I expected to share, but it's good news nonetheless.

I was teaching this morning when the phone rang. The student that answered muttered something about it being "some man." Usually some man is my man so I made a joke about it probably being my boyfriend. I think they really started wondering when they saw my happy expression. The guy was actually the construction manager from the company we're buying the house from and he had an update on the house. It will be delivered TOMORROW! Then they will set it up on Monday. So far everything has been ahead of schedule so it looks like we'll be in this thing sooner than we previously expected.

Just pray that Ronnie gets a j-o-b soon!

1 comment:

ME-AKP said...

Good, Good, Good, Glad "my" room will be ready soooooon. Heehee. Just give Ronnie a couple hundred for lotto tickets and he want need a job..and maybe you can share the wealth.. Bye for nowwwww.