Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Gender Reveal

So many people have anxiously awaited the day when Ronnie and I would find out the sex of this child. Much to the disappointment of many, I had the tech put the money shots in an envelope while I closed my eyes so that Ronnie and I could find out together.

I wanted to know. It was my birthday after all  Shouldn't I get to look? Ronnie wanted to know. But by withholding the info it gave us something to look forward to all week. My mom was sick and insisted it would make her feel better if she could find out. My sister-in-law came after me as soon as she saw me that afternoon.

I'm glad we waited. Yes, it was almost torture to wait. I had the pictures locked in the car and parked further away from the house to keep myself honest, but it was worth it. When Ronnie got home Thursday I met him on the porch. It was freezing and I didn't even bother to put on shoes. I told him where to look and he got the envelope on his way in. 

While the boys ran around like the wild animals they are, Ronnie and I sneaked into our room. I asked him what he thought. He asked what I thought. Neither one of us would commit to boy or girl. I think we both knew that it would be boy. That's what we've always experienced. 

We were both in shock when we read the words "It's a girl!" I had to do double and triple takes just to be sure. I looked closely to make sure there wasn't a "turtle" in there that the tech missed. I can spot a boy on an ultrasound, but this looked completely different! 

So the Kidd family will be welcoming a little lady in July. We are surprised, but happy. Ethan says he's finally getting his sister. Elijah says we will make her a boy. And Ezra just walks around saying baby. She will be tough, but boy will she be loved.  

And I think Ronnie's pretty smitten with the idea too. 


Hayley Sheffield said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! :) hehehehehehehehe I knew it!!!! I'm excited!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Congrats Melissa!!!! So excited for you all!! :)