Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Happy birthday to me! Special little me!
I don't have anything special planned, but I wanted to tell myself to have a great day! I did get a dozen roses at school today. They made me feel special, even if they are a joke from one of Ronnie's friends.
Nina, one of the teachers I work with, told me this morning that I was "shrinking." That made me feel really good. I'm glad others are starting to notice. I haven't done such a great job this week, but I think I'll still show a loss.
Also, we picked out the colors for our house on Monday. I hope it all looks good together. I know the outside will be cute because we saw another house on the lot with the exact same colors. I really hope that the flooring and countertops are ok, though. It's just hard to tell how something will look from a mini sample that looks pretty rough. For the kitchen counter I used the color that they had a sample of in the color room. It looked a lot better on a larger surface.
I guess that's all I have today to offer in my mindless ramblings. Have a great day!

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AKP ME said...


I just read your last blog. I am a day late on being "nosey". LOL..