Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weird Days

First of all, I'll update on Ronnie. He went in to work yesterday, but since he can't lift more than 15 pounds they told him to stay home until March 17. Ugh! At least he can still draw disability. So a few more weeks of boredom for my baby.

My mom got laid off work last night. The recession has hit our area. We're just praying that she can find something else.

Ronnie and I have discussed rewards for acheiving my weight loss goals, but we hadn't decided on anything for sure. I wanted to do a little something for every 5 pounds I lose...hey, I need a lot of motivation! Tonight I was looking at Cricut cartridges on eBay and I won the Zooballo cart! And it costs less than any of the carts I've bought before! I'm very excited! Can't wait til it gets here since I've been feeling crafty lately.

I guess that's all for now. I'll be back Saturday with my weigh-in results. Ta-ta for now!


ME AKP said...

Ronnie can clean house for you now. LOL. Sorry bout ur mama. I think 4 cookies for today can be your reward. (Don't push it though)

Be nosey again soon..ME

Kreative Kidd said...

HA! HA! Ronnie clean house! What are you on? My house has been a DISASTER since he's been home all the time! I'm so tired of cleaning up after him! I hate we didn't get to bowl last night. I told Taylor we would take her when Ronnie goes back to work and we can afford full price:) See y'all.