Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 5

First thing today we are going to be "green" and plant a tree. Apparently all EF tours do this while in this area. Let's hear it for dirty hands!

Then we will walk for an hour and a half to get to the Santa Elena Cloud Forest where the kids will do a zipline canopy tour before we go for lunch.

This afternoon some groups opted to do a horseback tour, but my group will be relaxing and enjoying some free time.

Later in the afternoon the tour guide is going to take us to Santa Elena City to show us some of the local areas rather than tourist hot spots.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, somethings for you to read when you arrive back in reality. It is the day before "the big day" and I am nervous as heck. Yes me after 3 it still is nerveracking. Is that a word? Anywho I hope it's a quick delivery (will not happen) but here is for hoping!!!!

Well is that enough to read for today? I can't comment tomorrow since I will be in hospital so read on for tomorrow's comment.

Well it's Monday and I am sure I am hurting like heck, so no laughing while reading this. I predict it will be a looonnnnggg and painful delivery (again hoping for the opposite). Um-Ethan will visit I guess when little man arrives (today I hope). Until tomorrow.

Okay it's Tuesday and hopefully me and Sam are resting after delivery (yesterday). If not we are still waiting. IDK. It's hard to predict the future of course, but here is for hoping.

Okay enough for now. GOODBYE!!!