Monday, June 8, 2009


Not much has been going around here. I'm just patiently waiting for the kiddos to finish exams so I can start to enjoy my summer. We're getting things started this weekend with a camping trip to the mountains. The main event is Saturday when we go to Tweetsie RR to meet Thomas the Train. We're hoping that Ethan really enjoys it. I'll share pictures when we get back. Sunday starts VBS and I'll be teaching the 2 and under class. Should be lots of fun... Then on the 24th I'll be leaving for Costa Rica for 9 days. I am SUPER excited about the trip...there's just too much going on to get ready for it. When I get back it will almost be the 4th of July. Any plans anybody? All I know is that we'll probably be fishing with Heather, Daniel, Hailey and Caleb somewhere. So that's about all for now. Take care and leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

First, I am out of work effective June 22. Second, Dr. Richardson wants to induce that week. Third, I am READY NOW!

And last we are having Jacob's B-day party sometime next week on a week night at BK in Ramseur. So anyways that's all for my comment this round.

Kreative Kidd said... more work. Ahhh...unless its the 22 or 23 I won't be here! :( I remember that feeling.

Can't come next week...we're having VBS all week.

Heard you were sick...hope you're feeling better!!

heather said...

Let's go fishing :)