Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's always something...

On October 30, I took the 1 hour glucose screening test at the doctor's office. The test is designed to screen pregnant patients for gestational diabetes. The following Monday and Tuesday I played phone tag with one of my nurses who told me that I had failed the test. I would have to take a 3 hour version as soon as I was able. So on November 10 I stopped eating until the next day so that my fasting glucose level could be determined. That morning I had my blood drawn four times after drinking the nastiest sugar I have ever had in my life! With my doctor's office the "no news is good news" is policy. After not hearing back from them that Thursday or Friday I assumed I was in the clear. WRONG! I received a call at work this morning telling me that I had not passed any part of the glucose test and that I was being sent to a dietician. So, I guess the fun starts now...monitoring my diet, keeping a log of my glucose levels...the week of Thanksgiving! Something tells me this will be the least delicious holiday season I've had in a while. I go to the dietician on Monday so I will understand more about what I have to do and what's ahead for me then.

And the countdown begins....less than 10 weeks til baby #2 arrives!!!

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Anonymous said...

I'll comment you! You will be just fine. Go ahead and sneak two pieces of fudge ~ that kiddo will be just fine!!