Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh bother!

It seems that I have lost my mind with this pregnancy!

With nothing but VBS to focus on last week I was able to sleep and rest and do my thing at church all week.

But this week has been another story. I knew I had an appointment with the OB on Tuesday, but I couldn't remember the time so I called that morning to ask. The lady was too sweet when she said, "It was at 2.20 yesterday." OOPS! I so missed it! So she scheduled me for this coming Friday morning.

That whole little scenario plus a few others from the past few weeks added up to me being frustrated with myself and feeling more than a little upset. I almost cried telling Ronnie about it and he told me to calm down because we all make mistakes sometimes. Ok. I get it.

Then later in the day, the phone rang. I jumped up to grab it, somehow stepped on a book that one of the boys left in the floor, went sailing through the air (great image, right?) and landed on my bottom/back and left wrist. The combination of pain and self frustration was too much and I started bawling like a baby. This scared Elijah who did the same. All of this led Ethan to be the one to go get the phone, call his daddy and scream, "My mama fell down! She's hurt bad!" I really don't know how Ronnie responded, but Ethan was giving him the best information that he could. Finally Ronnie convinced him to let me have the phone. The first thing I hear is him talking on the other phone telling my brother to send his wife over because I had fallen and was hurt. Ahhhh, the joys of being pregnant and having such a protective husband!

I eventually got out of the floor. I also chewed Ronnie out for sending someone over here because I was fine and didn't need anyone. He didn't buy all that. And then my sister-in-law showed up. She ended up staying for a few hours and made sure I was ok. It was nice to have someone over while I chilled in the bed...ok maybe we were all piled up in the bed. But it was nice to have someone help with the boys. And the boys...they weren't traumatized. They were pretending that my closet was their house, Ethan was the daddy and Elijah was his son, and we had to ring the doorbell (bucket of legos) to gain entry. The cutest thing was finding Elijah sitting on the shelf peeking out from behind a few clothes, grinning like he was something.

After all of those events I decided to wait for Ronnie to get home so we could go get groceries together. We stopped at Chik-fil-a, (Ethan's choice) and headed to Wally World. Before we got there my sugar dropped so I decided I would get a combo with a Coke (woohoo!) first in 3 weeks. Then afterwards my sugar spiked. So it seems that I can't win for losing.

Here's to hoping things start going a little better, at least a little less eventful, and that I survive this pregnancy!

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heather said...

Decided to come read your blog...I'm glad you are ok after your fall! I hope things start going better for you so that you will survive :)