Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Who Am I?

I came to my blog tonight to see if any of the blogs on my blogroll had been updated. But before I started scrolling I glanced at my profile. I read it and thought to myself that a lot has changed since I started this little ole blog. 

This is what it said:
I am a full time mother to my three wonderful boys, Ethan, Elijah and Ezra. I am married to my sweetheart, Ronnie. And sometimes I work as a Spanish teacher at the local high school. I enjoy spending time with my guys, scrapbooking, baking cakes, taking pictures and blogging.

I am still a full time mother. To three now, rather than one. There is no such thing as a part time mother. You're either a mom, or you aren't. I am. And it shows in all aspects of my life. I take care of my kids, I play with my kids, I post about my kids on facebook, I talk about my kids to whoever will listen, I blog about my kids. In short, pretty much everything I do in my day-to-day life has something to do with my kids. Before I make any decision I think how it will affect my kids. Am I burdened by this? No. I find it a joy that I have children and I pride myself in trying to be the best mom I can be. I may not always succeed, but I try.

I am still married to my sweetheart. Sometimes we argue and I get mad at him, but I know that I'd never make it without him. He's pretty amazing, though I don't tell him near enough. Since I started Kidd's Kreations we have evolved so much as a couple. We've been married almost eight years now and we've had our ups and downs, but he still makes my heart skip a beat with that sneaky little grin of his. 

I think the biggest change is that I'm not teaching anymore. Never thought I'd say that, but it feels good. I had devoted 13 years to becoming and being a teacher. I thought I'd be a career teacher, retiring with 30 years, but it wasn't in God's plan for me. He may lead me back to education one day, but I'm not looking for it anytime soon. 

Then we get to my hobbies. I still enjoy spending time with my boys. There are just more of them now and we do different things. Time now is spent with homework and reading. We go to different kinds of places; we used to go out to eat, but now we prefer to make our own food and stay home to watch cartoons from the 80s on Netflix  We used to take off on a shopping trip at the drop of a hat, but its not as fun when you're wrangling a six-year-old and two toddlers. Now I cherish trips to Wal-Mart alone. We'd rather visit a museum, bounce house or park. You know, places where little boy energy is welcome. 

I used to love decorating cakes. Apparently I did it a lot. I have pictures of cakes I made and I have a ton of tools sitting in a cabinet that houses all my baking supplies. I think two things have contributed to the demise of this hobby for me; time and a bad wrist. Who has time (or patience) to make a pretty cake when there are all these kids sticking their fingers in the incing? And who's to say that if I did get one made to my expectations that it would still be flawless when it came time to eat it. That Elijah loves to stick his finger in for a taste of cake. Ezra hasn't had opportunity, but I bet he'd destroy on in about 2.3 seconds given the opportunity. 

Scrapbooking. Ha. I think I have about three finished pages to my name. One in a book for me and Ronnie when we went to my senior prom and a couple in Ethan's book. I did finally get the wedding pictures off the CD and make a digital scrapbook that I printed last year, but that is it! I wanted to scrap really bad, but I never had it in me. Maybe I'll get around to it one day. But don't hold your breath. 

Taking pictures is still something I love. I just wish that I were better at it. I started photographing others, but I always belittle myself and don't think I do a good enough job. I've taken a few more classes so maybe I'll really get the ball rolling on it sooner rather than later. 

And finally blogging has been an on/off thing for me. I still find it to be a great place to share thoughts that I normally wouldn't say to people, either because I'm too nice to them or because I don't want to bore them. Either way, it's nice to have my own outlet. 

So once I changed all that, I wondered what I needed to add since it looked kind of boring and bare. And I don't think I'm boring and bare. What fills my time? Who am I? My family fills a lot of my time. But we've already discussed that. So, what else? God! He's amazing and saved my soul. I fail Him daily, but He still loves me. I really try to be a better Christian, but it seems that I struggle with it constantly. 

And I really don't know what else to say about myself. It's like those scholarship interviews where they ask you your weaknesses and strengths...I always hated those. I'll see what I can come up with in the next little while. See if there's anything wildly exciting that I've missed about myself. 

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