Thursday, May 30, 2013

32 Weeks

I had a normal appointment scheduled today with Dr. Mannino. Then I had to add an ultrasound before that so I was expecting to spend all afternoon at the OB office. I got to the office five minutes early (yay me!) and was called back with three minutes to check out Baby Girl's growth.

For everyone who keeps telling me how huge I am, or that I look like I could birth a baby any minute, I'm telling you what the tech told me today: Baby Girl is 4lbs. 6oz. and healthy.(This is 60% for 32 weeks.) And she is "taking up every bit of space that she has available." I think she's going to look like her brothers (all their ultrasounds seem to look the same to me) and she has hair (time to make some baby bows!).

Then I was sent back to the lobby only to be called out for my normal appointment like 30 seconds later. Weight was the same as last week and BP was good with the top number starting to creep up a little. I really thought I was going to be out of the place within 30 minutes, but I spent 20 waiting on the doctor to come in. (No worries since I still left 20 minutes before my scheduled time.) She looked at my glucose log and said my numbers this week looked great and to keep doing the same thing. She measured me and we listened to the heart and I was sent on my merry way for 2 weeks.

So thankful that everything seems to be going well!

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Renee said...

So glad everything is going well! Can't wait to meet baby girl ;)