Saturday, June 22, 2013

35 Weeks

Since the last baby update I've been to the doctor twice so I think it's time for another, even though there isn't much happening.

Ronnie went with me for a 34 week check up. It was one of those where they check weight and bp, measure the big ole ball on my front side, listen to the baby's heart, ask if we have questions and send us on our way in less than 10 minute visits. I never have questions, but Ronnie is a talker and has to talk even if it's just to hear himself. Just kidding. He talked about my glucose levels with Dr. Mannino. He told her how frustrated I get when my numbers are high and that he tells me not to stress, but I don't listen. So, with him sitting there grinning, the doctor agreed with him and reminded me that my numbers are looking very good and not to stress. Thanks, hon!

Then we were told that it was time to start weekly visits! That, my friends, is how we know we're getting close to meeting this little (big) lady!

I went this past Thursday for a 35 week visit. I had to take Ethan with me since we came straight from his summer camp. Huge thanks to Gram Jackie or I would have had all three with me when they told me they were going to do the Group B Strep test. That could have been interesting. But Ethan is a pretty good kid and entertained himself with an I Spy tube in the hallway during the personal moments.

Dr. Lennon was pleased with my glucose levels and said everything sounded/looked good. Thank you to him for not mentioning the 4 pound weight gain this week. (Why can I go for 3-4 weeks maintaining and then BAM! a huge gain at one time?!) And then he checked for dilation and all these stinkin' contractions have gained me a whole fingertip. I was hoping for more, but its a start so I'll take it.

And that is the baby update for now. Only five more (give or take one or two) and I'll be sharing Baby Girl with you all!

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Renee said...

glad everything is going well! She will be here so soon!