Friday, June 28, 2013

36 Weeks

I had yet another appointment this morning, but it actually went pretty well.

I was scheduled to see the doctor that is always running behind. And he didn't disappoint. After we had been in the waiting room for 25 minutes his nurse came around telling everyone that he was running behind. I mentioned that I wasn't sure if I needed an NST today or not, so she went to check for me. A few minutes later I was being taken to a room to get started.

Nurse Joan is the sweetest, most wonderful lady and she got me hooked up, watched the strip for awhile and asked if I was thirsty. Of course I was! I stay thirsty these days. I ended up getting a cold water and an ice pack for my neck while Baby Girl kicked and moved around. Thankfully, everything on the strip looked great and we were told she's doing well.

There is much debate on whether cervical checks are worthwhile or not so I was asked if I wanted to be checked or not. Last week I was only a fingertip so I was curious to find out if anything has been happening with all these contractions I've been having. Surprisingly the doctor said that I'm almost a 2! Yay! I was super excited!

We talked about my glucose levels. I forgot my book so I told him how they've been and he seemed pleased with them and didn't make any adjustments to my medications.

He also mentioned that he wants to have another growth ultrasound so that is scheduled for Wednesday. He's concerned because I "tend to grow big babies." Yes, I know.

Finally he mentioned an induction and choosing a date. I don't know if I'm crazy or what, but I politely declined, telling him that I'd like to go into labor on my own this time. He seemed pretty supportive, but cautiously advised that there was no reason to go past my due date and that it would be advisable to not go past 39 weeks. But he understands that I'd like to skip the pitocin.

Therefore, at the moment, I am scheduled to go into labor on my body's timing. We are being optimistic that I will go into labor by my due date and skip the induction process. The worry is that Ronnie is working 3 hours away four days a week. I'm concerned that I'll go into labor while he's gone and that he may not make it in time. And then I worry about what I'll do if I do go into labor while he's gone; what will I do with the kids, will I drive myself to the hospital, will I be alone in the delivery room? Ironically, I'm not stressed or worried about it. I'm trying not to think about it too much, but I'm pretty excited that I may get to experience spontaneous labor.

Keep us in your prayer! We need them!

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Anonymous said...

well you know if you go into labor that you can dial 911 and you will have all kinds of help....Benny will be there with Pat... I will be there to take care of the please call if you do go into labor if ronnie isn't home.....but keeping my fingers crossed and praying you go in labor on the weekend... :)