Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Eye Funk

A couple of weeks ago the boys played in the massive mud pit that is our yard. (But we're oh so thankful for all the rain we've been getting this year!) They were literally covered from head to toe. They got sprayed off with the water hose in the back yard and then came in for baths it was so bad. Ethan had actually gotten it on his face, rather close to his eye. Ronnie and I cleaned them all up and we went on with life.

The next morning I noticed Ethan's left eye was a little red. We cleaned it out and figured it would get better. But a couple of days later we noticed a bubble on his eye. He said it didn't hurt so we just kept an eye on it. Fast forward a couple more days and the bubble was gone, but the redness was back. Worse. I started to get more concerned, but everyone assured me it would get better and not to worry over it. Okay.

The day of field day when Ethan came home his eye was more red than it had ever been. He told me his teacher had sent him to the nurse and she had cleaned it out again. I decided it was time for a doctor trip. I called the pediatrician and they said they'd make an appointment with an eye doctor. That was cool until they called back with the appointment....11 days later. Thanks, but no thanks.

I called my eye doctor and they said to come on down. Like right now. And he was seen within the hour. The doctor said that it was probably an allergic reaction to something. No telling what. Maybe even something that was just floating around in the air. He could see mounds on Ethan's eye and that it could be cleared up with steroid drops. Awesome!

So here we are six days later and we've followed up with the doctor. Ethan's eye is clear and he's being weaned off the drops. Moral of the story: don't play around with eye care!

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