Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Last Month

At 37 weeks pregnant (July 3rd), I visited the doctor that just loves to schedule me for inductions. This appointment did not disappoint. He was pleased with my blood pressure, blood sugar and weight, but he really felt that it would be better for me to go ahead and get on the schedule. I had a growth ultrasound before the appointment and it revealed that Baby Girl weighed approximately 7lbs. 9oz. Not small by any means, and there were three weeks before she should arrive. Therefore, I reluctantly agreed to the thing I wanted least. He wanted to schedule me for the 17th, at 39 weeks exactly, but I asked for the 19th so that Ronnie would be home and not have to miss any work. He agreed that it should be okay.

The next week, at 38 weeks, I saw Dr. Richardson (he delivered Ezra). He was disappointed that he wouldn't be delivering our baby (I was too) and offered to change the induction to Monday, July 22. Ronnie and I debated heavily on this, but ultimately decided that we would stay with the 19th.

We left the doctor's office after our final appointment, knowing that we would be meeting our little girl in one week.

The next post will begin her birth story.

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