Thursday, September 5, 2013

What's In A Name - Part 4

The final post about names! Baby Girl is here!

Ronnie and I knew what we were going to name her when we found out we were having a girl, kind of. Melia was originally going to be her middle name, but I decided I didn't like the first name we had picked as much as I once thought I did. So we decided to name her Melia. For those that haven't figured it out, "Melia" is "Melissa" without the two "s"es.

Since the name isn't common and I spelled it weird, I have found several different meanings for Melia. I've seen several meanings according to "Melea" in the Bible, which include "fulness" and "supplied." I like to think that God supplied us with her after we prayed for her and also that she has made our family full. It is also a common Hawaiian name which means Plumeria, a beautiful flower.

Her middle name is Pearl. This is for two reasons. The first is that my great grandmother's name was Pearl and we try to incorporate a family name as the middle name of each of the kids.

The second reason has a cute little story. Ronnie taught Sunday School for the first time back in the spring, in May, I think. While he was teaching, he mentioned patience, and that he had been told he has the patience of a clam. One of the pupils, who had never heard that saying, asked why a clam was considered patient. Ronnie explained that a clam has to be patient in order to take something that irritates it, a grain of sand, and turn it into a beautiful pearl, a process that takes a long time. The student looked over at me and told Ronnie that he must be patient because he got his pearl, meaning me. After that class I told Ronnie that he had been patient and was finally getting a girl (he always wanted a "Daddy's Girl") so I thought it would be neat to name her Pearl. He agreed and now we have Melia Pearl.

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