Friday, January 20, 2012

Elijah's 2!

Two years ago today Ronnie and I welcomed Elijah into our little family. He has made sure that there are no dull moments since his arrival. His personality is huge; he is happy, curious and independent. He is determined and refuses to give up when there is something he wants to do. His laugh is contagious and he loves to be tickled. He answers most questions with a head shake of "yes" or "no." Sometimes the answer doesn't match up, but he's already going one way and refuses to change direction. Recently, his vocabulary has started to become more easy to understand and he is quite a funny little man.

Elijah stays with my grandma Jackie while I work and he just loves her. She had the idea to have him a birthday party today like Ethan had at daycare, so we celebrated this evening. Turns out that this will be the only party he has this weekend as Ronnie's grandmother passed this morning and we'll be with family tomorrow.

Elijah loves Gram Jackie so very much!

Grandma had macaroni and cheese, baked beans, tortilla chips with cheese and of course, cupcakes! We couldn't keep him off the table because he wanted to guard them from Ethan. I'm sure he had plans to sneak a few as well.

We finally decided to get his own TWO cupcakes ready with candles when everything was almost ready and the little sneak kept swiping icing.

We lit his candles, but before we could start singing he blew them out. So I lit them again. This time I couldn't get to the camera before he blew them out again. I lit them again. He blew them out. All I wanted was a decent picture! Finally on the fourth time I got what I wanted.

After we ate it was time to open the presents that Grandma and Ezra gave him. He was very serious about his unwrapping duties. After he tore the paper off, he would wad it up, hand it to me and tell me "trash."

He got a car, a coloring book and crayons. He was very excited and was nice enough to share. I'm so thankful Grandma was able to do this for him and that she takes such great care of the boys when she has them.

Later we went to Pizza Hut with my brother and his wife. We had a great time and Elijah was our entertainment. He made eyes with a girl on a date and when asked if he was flirting, he put on his sweet face and shook his head "yes." After the meal he started walking around and we convinced him to "shake his booty" for us. But the funniest thing was when he took the baskets that the breadsticks were in and decided that they were hats. It was cute when he put one on, but he insisted that I wear one as well. He held it out and said "Hat. On." We were so cute!

Then we went to Wal-Mart and let him pick out his birthday present because Mama's been busy and hadn't gotten him anything yet. Oops.

I love you, Elijah. I hope you had a great birthday. Happy birthday, my little stinker!

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brenda kidd said...

sorry we couldn't be a part of his birthday... :(
I do have him something...