Saturday, January 19, 2013

FAQ we seem to be getting...

Since people are finding out about our soon-to-arrive miracle, we're getting quite a few questions. Several of them have been repeated so I thought I'd answer here.

1. Another one?!?!

Yes, we're having another child. We love the three we have and we try our best to take care of them and raise them to be responsible, God-fearing people. Is there a problem with that?

2. Was it planned?

Wow! Can't get much more personal than that, can we? We've been blessed with three wonderful boys, plus a child in Heaven. We don't say to ourselves, "Let's go make a baby right now," but we do pray for God's Will to be done in our family. That said, Ronnie and I both prayed for another child whenever we would be blessed with one. God's timing says that the right time is now so we're happy to welcome another miracle to our home.

3. Is it a girl? I bet you really want a girl! OR Are you going to keep trying until you get a girl?

Well, since you asked. Having a girl at this point is a little scary. We're very accustomed to life with little boys and having a girl would mean a big change in our family dynamic. I've been the only girl in this family since the day Ronnie and I said "I do." I have no problem sharing the role of Queen with a little Princess, but it would be odd to have pink and frilly with all the blue, cars, tools, dinosaurs, hunting gear and such that we have in every nook and cranny of our house. If this child is not a girl, we're okay. If it is a girl, we're okay with that too! We're happy to have another child. Will we have more after this? I'm not sure...we always said we'd like four, but we'll see when the time comes.

4. You do know what causes that, right?

Seriously? Ronnie and I are two healthy, married adults. I think we have figured out what causes babies to be made. I do believe that a good marriage involves this act every once in a while. Maybe more than that, if desired. Ronnie has comebacks to this question. Most of the time I'm either shocked that someone had the nerve to ask that or too embarrassed to use what he says. He did tell my mother when she asked that he "likes it a lot." I've also heard him say, "yes, and I do believe I must be pretty good at it," and "the Bible says to 'be fruitful and multiply!'" him so much!

I think those are the main ones about pregnancy right now. On to me quitting my job!

1. Won't you get bored?

Ha! Ha! Ha! This one really makes me want to laugh in the person's face. Bored? I have three kids and one on the way - do you really think I'll get bored? If nothing else, I have continuous cleaning, cooking and laundry to do. Don't forget the fact that there are diapers and potty accidents in addition to all the times I hear "uh oh" in a day. Hopefully with more time at home, I'll have more time to enjoy my children before they're old enough to move out!

2. Are you gonna be poor? OR Won't you starve?

Well, we are cutting our income a lot. But we're not paying for child care or gas to run around every day so there will be savings as well. That said, we may not have everything we want (its not like we do now anyways), but I believe God will provide everything we need.

3. What about all the time you spent going to school?

Yes, I spent many, many hours pursuing a degree in education. I enjoyed it at the time. But now we have our own children to care for and I would rather "waste" my degree than miss my children growing up. I can always go back to work when they're older, but right now I want to enjoy them and be around them while they're young and impressionable. Will I go back to teaching? I don't know. Education has changed so much in the past 10 years and is only going to continue to do so. Some changes are good, some not so much. Don't know if I really want to go back. I still tell people I don't know what I want to be when I grow up so we'll see later.

If I come up with anymore, I'll be back to share! Have a great day!


Renee said...

This is one of my favorite posts ever!! So excited for you and your sweet family!

vickit43 said...

You go girl. It is unbelievable at what people will ask. It makes you wonder what happened to manners. I am so happy for you and I think (I Know) for a fact that you will love every minute being at home with your family. Congrats again on expanding your family and I love Ronnie's comebacks LOL. Hugs