Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year

We rung in the new year at church last night. We spent time with family and friends while we listened to preaching and singing. Ronnie preached his first time at the Watch Night Service and the boys actually behaved well enough for us to stay the night. It really helped that Ezra fell asleep around 10.00. Ethan was kept company by his friend, Geraldine, and Elijah made his rounds between me, my parents and my grandmother. It was a great evening, capped by joining hands and praying out the old year and praying in the new.

2012 was a good year. It had its ups and downs, but we persevered and we're better for our struggles. We dealt with PPD, Ronnie announced his call to preach, Ronnie started a new job, I resigned my position, the boys turned 5, 2, and 1, Ronnie's grandmother passed away, Ethan started kindergarten, Elijah started talking more clear, Ezra started walking and babbling, I welcomed my first niece, we went to museums to see dinosaurs, we camped at the beach for the first time, we had several trips to the ER for the first time ever, Ronnie preached at the church and the nursing home, we sung songs in the van while travelling and we had several movie nights. Ronnie was gone a lot, but we enjoyed the time we had together. The important thing is that we still have one another.

We are so blessed. We are all healthy. We have clothes to wear, food to eat, a place to sleep, a roof to keep us dry and warm. We have a church where we can worship freely, we were able to vote in elections this year and we have a God that loves and protects us. What more could we ask for? Are things perfect? No. Far from it. But what right do I have to complain that we don't have something that someone else does. We have what we have and that's enough. God will supply our every need.

As we look forward to 2013, we don't know what this year holds. I know that after January 18, I won't be working the job I've had since 2006. I don't know if Ronnie will stay at his current job or if we'll be called to do something more for the Lord. I do know that we'll have to have faith and that we'll have to lean on God to get us through whatever lies ahead. Only with His help will we make it.

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