Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Children's Museum - Alamance County

Last Thursday, I picked up Grandma and we took the kiddos to a children's museum while Ethan was on Spring Break. It took a little while to get there, but it was only $5 each and the kids enjoyed themselves for over 4 hours. They were able to run, climb, "fish," paint, build, and so much more! Get ready for the most pictures I've ever posted! Enjoy! (It posted all of these in reverse order...and I don't feel like taking the time to correct them so this is our day in reverse.)

Melia and Ezra were able to play in the 2 and under section. They enjoyed being the only kids in the area.

Elijah and new friend were a little jealous.

This wall and these items could velcro to each other. The object was to build a track for the ball to travel through and get it to land in the bucket at the end.

Fun mirrors were quite funny! 

There was an awesome glass room where the kids could go in, paint to their hearts' content, then when it got covered the workers could spray it and squeegee it for new creations! The boys loved it!

Dr. Elijah DDS checked out my teeth.

There was a beanstalk that was at least two stories high for the kids to climb. All but one of my kids chickened out. Ezra, the baby, made it to the top and I ran out to take his picture in the window. 

 A fishing river and sand pit were the highlights of our day!

There was a farm with chickens, veggies and a farm stand.

Poor Melia started running a fever, but she was sweet all day. It was nice to have Grandma along to sit with her while I chased the boys.

This sand is AH-mazing! Seriously! Not gritty at all, packed very well. I have to get some!

Melia volunteered to be a patient in the nursery. She got a clean bill of health!

This cool drum would beat to your heart beat. It was loads of fun!

My mad scientists at work!

If you're anywhere near Graham, and have small kids, I would definitely recommend this place!

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vickit43 said...

That looks so fun. Makes me miss when my boys were little we use to go to the Children Museum in Greensboro. This one looks cooler than way back then. Loved all of the pictures.