Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt

It's been a tradition in my family to go to our church's Easter Egg Hunt the day before Easter. We have a cake walk while the eggs are hidden, then the kids hunt eggs a couple of times before we devour an outrageous number of hot dogs. I love sharing this tradition with my children!

Elijah's cake walk win! 

Grandma Carolyn walked and walked and walked with Ezra.

He finally won!

Melia didn't walk, but a sweet lady at church gave her a bunny for her first Easter.

Ethan's serious face. He got frustrated because he didn't get many eggs. He's just not as aggressive as other kids, but that's okay!

Elijah was a hard care egg hunter! All the other kids were walking around the mowed yard...he took off through the tall grass hunting!

It paid off for him!

Ezra understood the deal this year, but he walked past 50 eggs before he decided to pick them up! 

His problem was the need to know what was inside each egg so he cracked each one open when he picked them up. It was a slow process. 

 Grandma Jackie helped Melia hunt eggs. 

She was amused by the process.

The whole gang!


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