Friday, April 25, 2014

Play Ball

For three seasons, Elijah has watched Ethan play t ball from the sidelines. He wanted to play so bad, but the first two seasons he was too young. Last summer he practiced with Ethan's team in hopes of playing on his own team in the fall. When the time came, we signed him up, but there weren't enough players so we got our money back. We had a sad little boy on our hands.

A few months ago, Ethan's coach called and asked if Ethan was playing because he needed another player. We hadn't even heard about sign ups. We talked to Ethan, but he said he didn't want to play this year. Elijah, however, wanted to play badly, but sign ups were over. We got a phone number and Ronnie made some calls and Elijah got put on a team!

He played his first game a couple of weeks ago and he did great!

These next two pictures show what happened the first time he hit the ball. He took off running to second base! It was quite funny, but he listened to all the yelling and corrected to first. He got out, but had he gone straight to first he would have made it!

The last inning he was put on the pitcher's mound. This picture is just before he had a major meltdown. Elijah has always been sensitive and can get emotional quickly. We're not sure if he was upset that a ball went by him, that he thought he wouldn't get ice cream or if he was nervous being in a different position, that someone hit his sunburned back, or who knows.... He started crying and the coach walked him off the field. Whatever upset him, I hope it doesn't happen again.

I am so proud of this little ball player! 

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