Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Thirty by 30 - Insanity Day 3

I think I know why they call it Insanity. 1) You have to be nuts to work this hard! 2) I now yell at Shaun T. like he's actually in my living room. He tells me to push harder, I tell him to stick it. He tells me great job, I smile and tell him thanks. I really think I lose my sanity while I'm doing this workout.

I pushed through day 3 today. I'm sore from the first two days, but I'm still trying to keep my pace up, which is getting more difficult. I can feel my muscles getting stronger, which is great, but my knee is starting to act up. I'm really hoping it doesn't get much worse so I'm watching my form and trying not to stress it too much.

So far I only have one true complaint about the workouts. I'm not quite sure what's coming next so I have to spend the first 5-10 seconds of each move watching, figuring it out, and getting into position before I join in. I know that doesn't sound like much, but when each segment is 30 seconds I really am missing out on a big chunk. I know part of this is being a beginner and I'll get better at it, but this is just something that aggravates me right now.

Hope you all are doing well! What are you doing to better yourself these days?


Lauren said...

I giggled when you said that you talk to your TV, I think I would do the same! I am running and yoga"ing" lately, hopefully going to lose a bit of the 25 pounds I gained post wedding! Keep it up!

vickit43 said...

Keep it up You can do it!!! Don't hurt your knee so be careful!!

Kreative Kidd said...

I can't tell that you've gained that much from your Teacher Outfits, Lauren! You can do it!

Thanks, Vicki!