Monday, January 19, 2009

Weight Watchers Update!

I must say that I am utterly shocked! Mondays are my weigh-in days and after this weekend I was dreading this one! I was very good all last week, but Friday night I fell...and I fell all day Saturday. I splurged MAJORLY! Sunday I did a little better because I got a migraine and skipped lunch to sleep. I did eat a snack...healthy popcorn...with a big mug of chocolate milk! Yum! We went to the in-laws for supper last night and I requested salmon soup...a nice healthy and tasty choice. I didn't overdo it, but I was satisfied.
So, how much did I lose? 3 POUNDS! Yay for me! 22 more to go! I am so proud. I was very active last week and I made healthy food choices. I just wonder how much more I would have lost if I had been good Friday and Saturday...oh well...I'll try harder this week.

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