Friday, March 13, 2009

House Update

Everything is going well with our new house. We were able to secure financing with no problems at all. A feat considering our credit histories (we've been working on our scores) and the state of the economy and the housing market at the moment. God certainly answered a prayer there. He is supplying our needs because the trailer is constantly surprising us with needed repairs and new dangers, not to mention that it seems to be growing smaller. Enough about the box we're in now. We're on to better things.
The company sent their guys out on Wednesday and they were able to get the footings put in within a few hours. It's neat to see where the house will actually be and the outline of the future foundation. We're glad that the rain and snow dried up for a few days and that the sun shone long enough to get that done in the time alotted.
Yesterday Ronnie talked to our salesman. We found out about our downpayment and things like that. Then Curtis told him that he had had to make some decisions since our house was on the line. That phrase threw me off, but what he really meant was that our house was on the assembly line. YAY! And the decisions were minor; he added 2 electrical outlets to the outside for us. He said if it were going to be his house he would have done it, so he added them for us. Cool deal. Out of all that rambling the only part that matters is that our house is being built!!! I'm getting very excited.
I'm also getting a little nervous as well. We've never had a house payment! We'll be ok I'm sure, I just get stressed about things when it comes to money and debt. I've grown to hate debt and I'm trying to get out of as much of it as I can. But I love that I'm going to get to have a home that is in good condition and that will be large enough for us. I can't wait to paint and decorate. I'm even looking forward to cleaning it (a little) because I will finally have decent closets, drawers and cabinet space in the kitchen and bathrooms, and a separate area for the washer and dryer! Woohoo! Did I mention that we'll have two bathrooms? Awesome! I can give Ethan a bath in one while Ronnie makes the other one smell bad. Then I can wait for the fan to clear out the clouds and enjoy a relaxing, candle-lit soak in my garden tub! Ahhhhh!
I think that's enough rambling for now. I'll be back with weigh-in news tomorrow (I really hope I haven't gained! I walked over 3 miles yesterday!!). Please continue to remember Jenni and Josh in your prayers. The link is at the top of the page. God Bless!

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