Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I want to say thank you to everyone that prayed for Jenni Wallace Cornwell. She went to Heaven on March 23, 2009 to be with her mother. Continue to remember the family as the visitation is tomorrow evening and the funeral will be Friday afternoon. I spoke with Josh today and he sounded pretty good. I've got to be strong so I don't break down on him this week. He has asked that Ronnie be a pall bearer since he was Jenni's "boyfriend." He also reminded me how much she loved him. But who didn't she love? She was truly a great person.

Ronnie is still unemployed. Seems like there are no local jobs. It's hard to want him to get a job knowing there's a chance that it will take him away from home a lot. That will be difficult, but we can do it again...we just don't want to.

The house thing is moving on regardless of everything else. The foundation guys were here Monday and Tuesday and were able to get finished before all the predicted rain.

So why did I call this post "emotions?" Because I'm not sure how to feel. I'm heartbroken about Jenni, but I know she's doing so much better than all of us. I'm worried about Josh...he'll be strong, but I hate to think of him being alone after all the formalities. I'm glad Ronnie is at home, but I worry about the money situation. I stress over the fact that a new job could take us back to being weekend lovers like we were before. It's not easy. I am excited about the house, but with everything else that goes on I don't keep that feeling too long. I guess life just isn't supposed to be easy. I think that's all the rambling I'll do for today.

Have a blessed day and leave a comment if you stop by.


ME said...

First of all, I feel like I know Josh through the posts and Jenni as well and really really sad over the ending.

Second, glad the "our house" is coming along.

Third, weekend lovers can be fun ;). Plus you don't have to hear his mouth and other parts all week.

And finally, don't forget you still have an option on helping with your money situation. I could move in. LOL

Hope your weeks get better.

Anonymous said...

well I read this several times and for some reason I just keep coming back to it..

First of all Jenni is in a better place than we are and she is looking down and keeping an eye on all of her friends and family and especially Josh..and I know she is dancing with all the other angels up there too.. will be in your new house before long and you will love every minute of it..All the decorating you have to do will keep you so busy and I am getting into the Third--so anyway all the decorating you will have to do will help keep your mind off of Ronnie if he does (which I am praying he doesn't) have to go back on the road...I know how much he loves you and Ethan and he would rather do anything than be gone all week..
So just keep praying and God will answer your prayers and he will give Ronnie a job when he knows that you are both ready for it...

Fourth--I think I know who "me" is and if so "me" can't move in because Ethan already gave the extra bedroom to "Denda"

So now keep your head up and keep on keeping on because you my dear are one more Strong willed hard working young lady that I am so very proud to call my daughter in law..I just hope that my son knows just how lucky he is..

Ok as you say enough rambling...

Remember:Good things come to those who wait...If he brings you to it he will bring you through it....

Love ya more than you know..