Saturday, March 7, 2009

What a lovely day!

It's Saturday again! Hard to believe, but this year is already flying by. First, my weigh-in results. My TOM began this morning so I think that added a couple of pounds, but I lost 1.4 pounds and my total loss is now 13 pounds! That being said...I have completely pigged out today on anything and everything that I could find! I'll just have to work extra hard this week to knock it all back off.
Now then. We've had a really fun day today! One of those days when nothing really gets accomplished, but you're tired anyway and you know you've had fun! This morning the three of us watched cartoons together and then Ronnie did some work on the tractor while Ethan played with the dog and I lay in the grass taking pictures. Afterwards, we got out the 4-wheelers and went on a little adventure. Ethan rode with me and we did some major splashing through the creek! He kept screaming "That was fun!" So we kept going! Later Ethan and I "baked cakes" in his sandbox while Ronnie worked on his project Jeep. Somehow I managed to pick up the living room and wash 4 loads of laundry to hang on the line and Ronnie washed my dishes yesterday. Today has been fun!
I think that's about it for now. We're going to get cleaned up and go grab a bite to eat and buy address numbers for our soon-to-be driveway!

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