Saturday, July 3, 2010

Our Life

We'll start today with nothing but the cutest face ever!

When Ethan was small I alternated between disposable and cloth diapers. I liked the cloth ones, but I was never dedicated enough to use them as I still bought disposables and used them after all the cloth were dirty and I didn't feel like doing laundry. While pregnant with Elijah I decided that I was going to go all out this time and use cloth. I ordered several items and was content that I would be able to cloth diaper as soon as Elijah got here. But.... The hospital provided newborn Pampers and I got in the habit of picking up a pack at Wal-Mart. It was just so easy! But then the low price leader decided to not have the sensitive dipes. And then they decided not to have his size. And I decided I was tired of spending money on something I was only going to trash in the end. So I switched to cloth. Elijah hasn't worn a disposable since he was a few weeks old. This past week I ordered the cutest diaper and he gladly modeled it for me. It is so soft and so cute. I love his little fluffy bottom!

I posted earlier about Elijah being sick and needing breathing treatments with a nebulizer.
He fights with all his might at times. Screams. Kicks. Cries. It is so sad. He even learned a couple of tricks to get out of it for a minute. 1. He wraps the tubing between his toes and kicks hard enough to pull it off of the mask thus making me have to re-plug. 2. He puts little fingers in the holes on either side of the mask and yanks it off his face making me stop, remove both fingers and re-position.

And guess who found his toes! This is one of my favorite baby activities. The discovery and the sucking of little toes!

Ethan has ridden many tractors in his time. But never a John Deere. Ronnie used this one to bush hog the yard (pitiful...bush hog a yard) and gave the boys their first rides on a JD. Ethan was very excited!

And Elijah just took it all in. At this age Big Brother loved these rides for their nap inducing powers. I think Elijah may feel the same way.

After a long morning it was time for a nap. Yes, Elijah is asleep even though his one eye is still open. Sweet Dreams Boys.

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