Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Proof That I'm A Great Parent!

Just a few shots to let everyone see how great of a parent I am!
Elijah getting undressed! He looks like a dreaded Teletubbie or something!
Ethan decided to get in Gram Jackie's clothes baskets, but then somebody used clamps to make sure he didn't get out! It was Grandma's idea!Note: He was allowed out and no children were abused in the making of this blog.
Ethan decided he wanted chocolate milk and he was going to make it himself. Yay! We're out of milk. Oops! So he sits in his chair in front of the fridge crying. Note: He is NOT a starved child. And don't judge me based on my refrigerator...I hate cleaning it out!


Amanda Callicutt said...

All those things are soo mean! As your sister I'm afraid I will have to step in to adopt these children. lol! This is so funny Elijah really does look like a teletubie! And you know good and well that was not grandmas idea to put Ethan in the clothes basket and how dare you not clean your fridge!

Kreative Kidd said...

Yay! You learned how to leave a comment! All I can say in my defense is this: at least my child isn't a buckethead!