Friday, July 2, 2010

New to Us

We got our own computer about a month ago I guess it was, and since we didn't have a real computer desk we had a pretty uncomfortable setup on the floor. Our "desk" was a cedar chest that Ronnie bought at an auction last summer. It's cute. It's just not a desk. So to say we were tired of sitting on the floor in awkward positions with sore arms, backs, and/or legs would be a little understated. So I began my search for a real desk that I liked. Should be easy. NOT! I looked at Wally World. No luck. I looked at several stores online, but I could not find anything I liked that looked like it could survive a house with a crazy lady, a big man, a tornado of a 3-year-old and an up-and-coming wild child. Either that or it was really expensive. If you know me, you know I'm cheap and won't buy expensive.

Over the weekend I remembered my friend, craig. You know him; he has a famous list that I love to look over. I looked at a few desks, but they were those fake wood ones that I was trying to avoid due to the destructiveness of the people stated above. Then I found it. The one. The desk that I had to have and if I didn't get it no desk would ever be as good as this one. Lucky for me it was nearby. Unlucky for me it was at a consignment store that was already closed for the weekend. I decided that after Elijah's appointment on Monday that I would stop by and if The Desk was still there I would buy it. With excitement I pulled in to the parking lot, but discovered that the store would not be open until 11.00 Tuesday. Not to be deterred I called at 11.01 Tuesday morning to inquire of The Desk. They still had it!! And they were willing to hold it until the close of business. Needless to say, I gathered myself, my children and all the gear that goes along with us and trekked to the store. I paid and then wondered how in the world I was going to fit this thing into my mommy mobile. The store owner was smart and measured the desk and I measured the van only to discover that I would not be able to bring my treasure home.

Then my wonderful hubby arrives home and gets today off!!! We steal a truck and go to the consignment store to claim my goods. And here it is:

Our New To Us Desk That Is Just What I Wanted

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