Saturday, May 23, 2009


Ronnie and I were going to go on a mini vacation to celebrate our anniversary this weekend, but just couldn't bear the thought of leaving Ethan home. He has so much fun when we go places and I would have been miserable thinking about him the whole time. Finally we decided to take a day trip to the mountains, take Ethan to Tweetsie and have some fun on the train. Our plans changed when Ronnie went to check out the Tweetsie website. We discovered that Thomas the Train is going to be there next month! Ethan absolutely loves Thomas! We changed all of our plans and booked a campsite and bought reserved tickets to see Thomas the second weekend in June. So in three weeks TV will come to life for our little man. Ronnie is already picking on me because he thinks that I am more excited than Ethan would be if he knew what was going on. My response - "How could you not be excited? It's THOMAS!"

On another Ethan note. His new fave food is "'mater jelly." He was eating a biscuit the other night and told his mamaw that he wanted ketchup. She thought he was crazy, but he knew what he wanted. He was eating his ketchup biscuit when papaw started calling it 'mater jelly and the name has stuck. Tasty.

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