Monday, May 18, 2009

Nothing much going on here

The title says it all. There's not reall a lot going on around here. I guess I'll share a few random thoughts anyways.
-Ronnie still doesn't have a job. His qualifications don't seem to match the specifications of the employers with which he applies.
-I'm tired of school. I'm so ready to be out!
-I'm getting excited about our trip to Costa Rica, but I'm getting nervous! Just me with 7 teenagers in a foreign country? Scary!
-Prom is Saturday so we had our annual scare-the-you-know-what-out-of-'em assmebly today. I thought it couldn't be worse than last year when they acted out a wreck scene with our actual students. WRONG! They had a highway patrolman come in today with some grusome pictures. I don't find death amusing in the least and for it to be up close and in our faces today was pretty ugly. I hope that it got the kids to thinking anyways.
-I saw a fawn on the way he home. He was so cute with big ears and little white spots. Just a little reminder that God is still in control and will send small things to cheer us up when we least expect it.
-When I got home Ronnie went back with me to see if the little guy was still there. I was worried that he may have gotten separated from his mother. He was already gone.
-Ethan is growing like crazy! It seems like he learns something new everyday. And he is always doing something to make us laugh.
-I read Josh's blog and he posted links to all of us that have written about Jenni. I still think about her often. Josh, I still pray for you to have strength. If you need me, let me know.
-I guess that's all for now. God Bless.

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