Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's me again

Almost another week has gone by again. I'm getting pretty slack at this.

Our house is getting closer to being done. The septic system has been completed. Thanks to Donald and new buddies! I think I annoy them more than anything, but at least they've been keeping Ronnie busy with some pro-bono work. The well is being worked on. So far we are at 540 feet deep!!! Yeah...that's deep! Everytime I think about it I see dollar signs roll through my head. I keep telling Ronnie that the deeper the well goes, the smaller my porch gets. Pretty soon I'll be stuck using a step ladder for the next 30 years. Just kidding...unless we get a really nice inspector. The HVAC guys came by to install the heat pump (nothing stops a Trane :)) and complete the duct work. Also, the septic guys filled in the dirt around the house and leveled it off some. They also took a load of dirt from the bank at the road so that's getting flatter. I told Ronnie they better be done with that soon so that I can plant my flowers next week. I ordered several ground cover plants and expect to get them this week.

Enough of that. Ronnie still has no job, but he did go for an interview on Thursday. He goes for a second one soon. Pray that it's a good job (we're not really sure what it is) and that he gets it if it is. In the meantime he has become quite good at getting odd jobs around here. Last week he cut trees 3 days. Then this week he worked with the septic guys 3 days. Today he helped a man build pallets for most of the day. I'm glad that he knows how to do so many things or can learn quickly and that he gets along with and is able to talk to so many people. He's my people person.

Only 26 more days of school...with students that is. And 4 of those are exams. I can't wait for it to be over! I also can't wait to go to Costa's going to be so much fun!!!

I'm getting tired and have probably rambled too long. I've been going all with Mama, Ethan and Bryson, then the Spaghetti Supper at's time to snuggle and go to bed. Goodnight!

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