Thursday, August 5, 2010

Beach-Friday, July 23

Ronnie took Friday and Monday off so we loaded up the kids and took off to Wilmington for the weekend. Of course we had pit stops to make in town before we hit the road and we couldn't pass up a Biscuitville breakfast.

Here's Ethan on the way. He finished his chocolate milk in about 2.3 seconds (as always) and then stole my super sized water. He was a really good traveller for a couple of hours. Then he started telling us he had to pee so we would take breaks. He finally fell asleep and woke up in time to see the battleship.

Here's Elijah while I was driving. Ronnie was amazed at how he kept eating his feet. I think there are 5 or 6 pictures in a row of this because Ronnie loved watching Little Man gnaw on his toes. Grandma was so excited to go with us. She almost didn't come, but the thought of missing out on the fun changed her mind. I'm so glad she went with us. We all loved having her there and I'm more than certain that she had a blast.Here's our trusty driver. He drove until Rockingham (Ethan had to pee) and then I took over the rest of the way. All I know is he was glad to be driving the mommy mobile and not big truck for the weekend.After we had our beach pictures made, we searched for a hotel. Note that its not smart to go to the beach in July without a reservation, but we were being adventurous. The hotel had a pool and took full advantage of it. Ronnie was trying to coax Ethan into jumping into the pool.And he tried to teach him how to swim. Let's just say that its still a work in progress, but it was fun to watch.At least Elijah thought so. He hung out on the lounge chair and watched for awhile.But, no worries, he got his fair share of pool time. And he loved it. I predict that this one will be a little fish. He only cried when we took him out of the water. And then he would squeal with delight when we puut him back in. After our pool time we made the necessary Wal-Mart vacation run. And we stocked up on junk food and other snacks. All I know is that Elijah was ecstatic that we bought marshmallows for Ethan. Judging by his expression, me thinks he likes 'em. Back with the rest later.

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