Sunday, August 22, 2010

My crazy life...

Things are crazy around here. That's all there is to it. School started for me and the students return this week. But life at home has been a little less normal than lately. Allow me to share.

Ethan loves blowing up balloons. That's not too crazy, but he's driving me there with the constant, "Mommy, I can't do it!" whiny talk. And the weird feeling I get after blowing up a balloon fifty times is going to make me pass out one day.
Elijah is exploring all kinds of food. He wants EVERYTHING that any of us have to eat. And I mean every single thing. So meal time is a battle of wills to see who wants my food or him. Like this banana I wanted, but he had to have. Even wanted to eat the peel. He acts as though we starve him, but I can assure you that is far from the truth.

And we're getting closer to having a mobile child. Panic has set in. I find myself picking up small items all the time, afraid that he'll be able to get to it and swallow it. Note to self: baby proof the house...ASAP!

And the proud Daddy encourages his young to become a mobile being. He doesn't even know what we're in for.

And along with the food deal. Ethan is compelled to share all that he has. Even things I would prefer Elijah to not have. Like Oreo cookies. This occurred while I was driving home one afternoon. These boys are something else.

Speaking of being something else. Check out this face. Look guilty to you? Me thinks so.

Yes. Guilty indeed. I have this pound cake pan that has a separate bottom resulting in a huge bottomless bowl. Ethan loves to play with it. Sometimes he wears it on his head. I guess he thought Elijah needed a bowl hat too! I almost called the fire department, but sensible lady beat out crazy mommy and I got it off rather quickly with relatively few tears.

So, yeah, life is crazy around here. But we're loving it.

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Amanda said...

It's ok Elijah Aunt Manda will have you on Monday's and I will feed you! You have two kids your life is going to be crazy for 20 more years!