Saturday, August 7, 2010

Beach-Sunday, July 25

We woke up early on Sunday in order to pack and get out of the hotel on time. We went to breakfast and then to downtown Wilmington.

We saw the battleship. We told Ethan we'll go back when its cooler; it was way too hot to be outside at that time of day. While we waited for the Children's Museum to open, we took a stroll on the River Walk. I think we'll have to try this restaurant one day.

When Ronnie and I went to the beach for our first anniversary we took a shadow shot similar to this one. It was on that trip that we found out about Ethan's impending arrival so it seemed fitting to take this picture with our Big Boy in between us.

Our little photographer decided to do a photoshoot with two of his favorite people.

Balance is key. But Daddy isn't too far away...just in case.

Gram Jackie and Elijah rested while we took our walk.

Then we were off to the museum.

Our first play of the day was a puppet show which Elijah seemed to enjoy.

Ethan was a little dentist.

And Elijah was a doctor.

Ronnie and Ethan worked on a skeleton puzzle.

Ethan experimented with mixing colors.

Ethan was a pirate aboard ship.

Ronnie and Ethan did arts and crafts.

Elijah played with his toes.

Concentrating painter.

Story time! And the most comfy seat in the house.

He's so cute!

Brotherly love!

After the museum it was time to head home. But first a stop at Dairy Queen was a must!
Elijah's first taste of ice cream left him wanting more.

And Ethan ate until he fell asleep.

But woke up later to play peek-a-boo...

and talk to 'Manda on the phone.

And at the end of the day, I think we were all tired. Especilly tired of Mama's camera. No more pictures please.

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Amanda said...

Too cute. He wanted daddy to go and he did everything with him at the museum! I didnt realize Elijah was getting so big! Make him slow down please!!!