Saturday, August 7, 2010

Beach-Saturday, July 24

The plan was to be up bright and early, but the alarm didn't go off and Elijah was so tired that he slept a lot later than normal. So we woke up as lazily as we could. And this was one of the cutest sights; he sure does love his Gram Jackie. But once we were up and at 'em, after breakfast at Waffle House, we headed to the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher. It was a day full of all things aquatic.

Frogs, fish and a cute crab.

Elijah was mesmerized by the fishes swimming by his head.

And we all thought the jelly fish was pretty cool.

Ronnie even bought the world's most annoying souvenier for Ethan.

We enjoyed a meal of pizza and chicken tenders. Ethan was in heaven as these are his two favorite foods. And the hat....well he had to be like his daddy!

While Ethan did a nice little pose for Mama....

Elijah decided he would rather play in the display.

After the aquarium we rode the ferry (YAY!) over to Southport, a.k.a. the most perfect little town that I should be in living in right now.

Since the ferry takes a while and it was approaching temperatures that I don't do well in, Gram Jackie, Elijah and I escaped to the van. Elijah was ready to drive us right off of there, but there seemed to be a slight problem with all the other cars in the way.

After a long day we headed back to the hotel pool for the evening. We enjoyed a few poolside injuries (I almost broke my toe and Ethan scraped his arm pretty bad) and some Dominoe's before we went out to the beach.

Since it was so unbearably hot we couldn't stand the thought of the beach until the sun went down. We must not have been the only ones because the place was packed!

Elijah was already tuckered out...we thought. He later woke up and enjoyed a beach stroll with Mama.

Ethan and Ronnie played in the ocean. The child is fearless. Which one? Both!

Ethan had to take his tractor to the beach to dig. You might be a redneck if....

Day 3 coming soon....

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