Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Farewell Summer...

Today is my last day before going back to work.

Sniff, sniff...

I am sad, but I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with my boys this summer. They are growing so fast. I loved being able to be with them 24/7 for two whole months. I will miss them when I'm back at work, but Mama's got to have some grown up time.

Hopefully, this will be a good school year. Maybe my classes won't be too big. Maybe discipline will be handled well. Maybe the kiddos will want to learn. A girl can dream.

I know there will be fun times in D Building. We will make sure of it. Hopefully there won't be any snakes. And maybe the copier will run smoothly. There will be brownies. And chocolate pie. And inside jokes galore.

Although I complain about my job, I know its a good one. No one bothers me in my little world. And I have some of the best friends/colleagues one could ask for. I just hate leaving my babies. But maybe by being away from them for a little bit will make me more appreciative of the time I do have with them.

And maybe this little pep talk will get me a little more cheery by the time the alarm goes off in the morning.

One thing that excites me is that my photography class starts tomorrow. I'm taking it online and hope that I can really improve on my skills. I would absolutely LOVE to turn pictures into a career. At least a side job anyways.

And I may be starting grad school in January. I take the GRE on September 18. Other than that all I have to do is finish the application and get all my transcripts turned in. Hopefully that will turn out well.

There's a lot going on, but life is good. And even though summer is fading into a memory, there are lots of good things to look forward to. Especially watching my boys grow!


Amanda said...

It's about time. You do realize that some people work all summer? It is rough while you teachers sit around making us feel like we work too much. lol

Kreative Kidd said...

Kiss it! Just kidding. What do you mean people work all summer? You don't! 2 or 3 days a week doesn't count as working too much! Hehe!