Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Things I Love

I love reading Kelle Hampton's blog (see my blog roll). She inspires me so much. If I'm having a bad day, reading her blog cheers me instantly. Today she shares three sweet loves and challenges her readers to share their own. I'm a dork and didn't leave a comment, but thought I'd share my loves here.

*Asking Ethan if he knows what I need and getting the response, "A BIG HUG" from a smiling shiny face followed by the best hugs in the world.

*Elijah "talking" to us. His coos, squeals, grunts and facial expressions are priceless.

*Ronnie holding me tight as we drift off to dreamland.

*Bryson (my nephew) talking to me on the phone. I always get the same answer to my questions: NO! One day he will change his answer, but for now I love asking questions that incriminate him with his only answer.

*My grandma. I honestly count her as one of my very best friends. She keeps me grounded and I love her so much!

*Baby feet.

*Taking pictures of my loves.

*That Ronnie is going back to school to do something that he loves.

There are so many, but those are a few. Hopefully, I'll come back to this type of post many times in the future. Thinking like this keeps me positive even when all else is falling apart.

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Amanda Callicutt said...

Bryson does tell you no quite a bit! He is starting to say it to me a lot more.