Monday, June 25, 2012

Cow Sale

Our first Friday field trip got canceled because Ronnie had to work. Then this past Friday we knew we couldn't go too far because we had VBS every night last week. We still wanted to go somewhere different, but we didn't have much time since Ronnie did yard work that morning so around 4.00 we loaded the boys up and headed to Siler City to the cow sale for a yummy cheeseburger. Most people, upon hearing that you're going to a cow sale to eat, think that you're crazy. But this place is notorious in our area for having the best burgers around. The best part is the huge chunk of cheese that they melt on top of it. And the fact that you can actually hear cows mooing while you eat only adds to the ambiance of the stockyard restaurant.

We ate our burgers and with a few minutes to spare we took the boys out to look at all the cows in the holding area. They all seemed to enjoy it and it was a fun way to get out of the house for a little bit and do something different.

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Renee said...

Oh yummy!!! mooooooooooo!!!!!