Thursday, June 14, 2012

Welcome to Summer

Yesterday was the first full day of my summer break. Summer has always been a time of relaxing and getting things done around the house. I usually read some, clean, sleep late, take a nap, watch some show on tv. You know, no where to be at any certain time, no worries in the world, relaxing kind of days.

The alarm went off at 6.00. That's a.m. No big deal, I could lay in bed for a few minutes. Then I heard the chatter of a 10 month old telling me he was ready for breakfast. No problem, I could eat my breakfast while he did and do the things I needed to do on the computer. Then I heard an extra set of feet walking to the kitchen. A two-year-old wanted his breakfast too. That'd be cool, but he has to sit with his mama while he eats. It hit me then, this is my first summer with three kids....I'm not relaxing this year.

The rambunctious five-year-old slept a little longer, but when he got up I knew my life for the next two months won't be easy. Or relaxing. I think I called Ronnie and asked if I could get a summer job. He laughed.

So, what does one do when her kids are driving her insane before lunch on the first day of summer break? 

She gets out a bag of flour and lets her kids do whatever they want while the baby naps.

They seriously LOVED doing this! 

They "wrote" in the flour then they got cars and trucks and played.

This kept them entertained for TWO hours!

Then Ezra woke up and it was lunch time!

After lunch we played and washed more clothes. We read books and ate snack. Then I put Ezra in the pack n' play so I could get some things done and when I went to check on him he was eating a magazine he had gotten his hands on!

You can barely see it, but there's a red corner sticking out of his little mouth. He tried his best to hide it, but I got it back. Just because you're a "kidd" doesn't mean you have to act like a goat!

I gave the boys baths, they took naps, I fixed supper, we got ready for church, searched for the dog, killed a snake in the driveway, found the dog, went to church, played with friends after church, went to Brandon and Daniela's and helped feed up, drove home, called Daddy and went to bed. 

That's how the first day of summer went. And I don't expect it to slow down any time soon. But that's okay with me!

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