Friday, June 15, 2012


Martha's Day Care had their annual graduation of five-year-olds last night. This included Ethan.

So we loaded up and headed to day care in the evening. Gram Jackie, Grandma Carolyn, Grandpa Vernon, Uncle Brandon and Aunt Daniela accompanied our little crew.

It was seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen. They marched down the stairs behind Ms. Martha and lined up in front of their little chairs. 

They said the pledge, sang God Bless America, and then Ethan sang a solo! I was so proud as he belted out Jesus Loves Me! Then they started sing other songs including a song for their daddies since Father's Day is Sunday.




Quite the gang!

Ethan got his diploma,

Shook Ms. Martha's hand,

and got a great big hug!

Then they sang a song about being friends forever,

and recited a prayer before we ate refreshments.

The boys with Ms. Martha and the cake she got them.

My little graduate.

He'll be in kindergarten in August.

We love you, Ethan! And we are so proud of the boy you've become!

You are an amazing little man!

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