Saturday, June 30, 2012


Living in a small town has it's perks, but total access to all the coolest stores is not one of them. It was a pretty big deal around here when an IKEA opened TWO hours away. Several of my friends were there opening day, many others went within the first weeks of it's opening. Me? I don't get out much. I got there today, probably close to a year after it opened. I had wanted to go for awhile, but had never had enough time to get there, especially with three little boys.

 Today was my day! I had a student of mine come along as an extra set of hands for dealing with the boys and we headed to IKEA.

One of the first things I saw (but didn't buy) was this pink checked duvet cover that goes along perfectly with the theme for Daniela's baby shower. If  I don't find anything I like better or cheaper, I'll probably end up getting this one.
Then I saw the cutest tabletop ironing board that would work perfectly for my crafting. The best part? $4.99!
I was very interested in checking out the rugs. I've seen many projects featuring these little guys and am excited to try them out myself. I'll post when I get around to making these things go with our house. 
I am in desperate need of some picture frames. This poor house still has virgin walls after nearly three years. It's time to hang some pictures! I can't wait to get these up with some of our family pictures and some cute vinyl. 

Afterwards, we headed over to Concord Mills and hung out for awhile. We ate fro yo at Yogurt Mountain and I bought some clothes for the boys. Overall I think we had a productive day.

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Hayley Sheffield said...

Why wasn't I invited???? lol who was this STUDENT of yours????