Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Water Fun

Sunday evening after we had gone to church, out to eat with friends and then to Austin's birthday party, I decided to pull out a pack of water balloons I had picked up the day before while shopping. I went out to the yard and spray painted targets on the grass for the boys to throw the balloons at and then we went out and started filling them up. While the boys thought it was fun to toss the balloons at those targets, I was getting a little bored. What fun is a water balloon if you can't chunk it at somebody? So I got a balloon and busted it over Ethan's head, then I did one for Elijah too. This caused them to try to hit me and then we teamed up on trying to get Ronnie. This eventually turned into Ronnie taking the water hose (he was filling up the kiddie pool) and spraying us while we filled up squirters from the pool. There are no pictures of this because we were all dripping wet, head to toe. We had a blast - even little Ezra got stripped naked and screamed along with us while we got sprayed. Ronnie was smart and put his phone and pager up so they wouldn't get wet so he was fair game like the rest of us. At one point, Ethan, Elijah and I started splashing Ronnie with as much of the pool water as we could, but he kept spraying us with that water hose. Finally I talked Ethan into covering for me while I ran and tried to turn off the hose, but it didn't go so well and Ronnie got me good. It was a fun-filled afternoon that won't soon be forgotten, we thoroughly enjoyed spending time together and had a blast.

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Renee said...

you're such a fun mommy!ma